Cosmic Tea

by Alice Connally Fisk

Two planets met for a spot of tea one afternoon in space
both were blessed with diverse life forms and profuse amazing grace.
Each told tales about their tenants who upon them lived and played
as they buttered sunny biscuits spread with cosmic marmalade.
They talked about themselves as well -- their ways, their health, their Dream
as they passed the teapot back and forth and laced their cups with cream.
"I am lush and green and healthy" said the planet nicknamed Blue.
"I am sacred to my people and they love me through and through.
They keep my oceans sparklin' bright and rivers glistenin' clean
my air is pure and old rainforests kept ever safe and green."

"Well, I've not been quite so lucky" said the planet known as Gray.
"My people cause me illness since they lost their Wisdom Way.
Pollution, bombs, and toxic waste, acid rain and strip mines, too
reduced me to this ashen globe 'tho I once was blue, like you."
Blue finally bid a sad farewell to its fragile friend so gray
spinning off into its orbit, Blue began to weep and pray
as it waved good-bye its big heart broke, it lost its ingrained mirth,
as she watched Gray fade, the Cosmos cried for our dying Mother -- Earth.
Gray Mother Earth wept as she stood and washed her teapot, cups and plate.
To the Creator of our universe, she surrendered then her fate.
She said, "Little longer shall I live, so very sick, I feel.."
So...our Creator sent earth stewards -- to ease her hurt and heal.

Now connected on cyber highways, hot earth stewards all make hay
halting greed that keeps on turning bright blue planets into gray.
Miracle workers on a global scale, turning grim gray back to blue
helping Mother Earth to mend herself...a relentless, driven crew.
...The divine fragrance of the cosmic tea, entices one and all...
brimming cups of transformation prod us dump our toxic gall.
Heavenly blends shall warm our wintry souls, restore our Wisdom Way.
Humanity revitalized...toasting Mother Earth each day.

Copyright 1997 Alice Connally Fisk
AFisk10302 at aol dot com