A wee bit of political poetry for America's rank and file
composed by 74-year-old great-grandmother

Divide and Conquer in America -- 2012!


by Alice Connally Fisk

The generic word "oppressor" is rarely heard today
their game's the same but the label itself is very much passé.
Oppressors all have brand names now to conceal their old-time aim
to confuse, outfox and at last destroy the rank and file, their game.
Oppressors laugh at us everyday as they turn up their old-time heat
sporting names quite bland to disguise their Plan, these conniving old elite.
So for common folk who can't even imagine what it's all about we show --
the mobs listed below are Oppressors-in-Fact -- they simply don't want you to know.

First, Google the New World Order perched at the peak of the global tree.
They're the olden golden aristocrats with outstanding pedigree.
Ever dividing the common folk in their quest to enslave our earth,
they're the original bluebloods-of-power, privileged since elegant birth.
To learn even more 'bout this tiny percent read through all the websites listed --
they're evil and dangerous, cagey and cruel, and every last one of them, twisted.
Yes, slavery is back on the table and our great middle-class must Go.
Plunged ever deeper into poverty by corporate Masters running the show.
Sinking our mainstream into the poorest of pools as we take our final dive
to slave on worldwide plantations -- owned by the wealthiest goons alive.
Now "elitist" is the umbrella term for those at the top of this stack.
If the salt-of-the-earth throw their blinders off, they'll see this deceitful pack.

Then there's Trans Pacific Partnership with its dynastic corporate claws
seeking Americans give up legal sovereignty and jurisdiction of our laws
to great foreign powers to override hard our very own laws and our people --
oppressors convened to sell America out via blueprints drawn high in their steeple.
Then along comes Citizens United, mega-billionaire Pacs-of-prey
united to rile and divide us all as they steal our great country away.
These elitists walk always among us and their list goes ever on
using monikers new and strategies old to advance their gargantuan con.
Calling themselves by reputable names, the jig's up if they're known as "oppressors"
but that's what they were and ever will be, our earth's menacing, wicked, aggressors.

Some cooler more generic names also describe this hell-bent bunch
and should enrage us all to rise up in arms, not forever stay out-to-lunch.
There's plutocrats, multinationals, megalomaniacs galore
systemic power brokers and ever-so-much more.
Corporate-owned Republi-crats and kleptocrats to boot --
the same old vile oppressors in the same old vile cahoot.
Gnomes of Zurich and the Cayman gang, the 21st century lords
set to conquer their hypnotized masses, ever dividing the common hordes.
With corporate-stream "news" to fixate the folks of a "markedly lower station"
to hook them forever on healthcare or race, religion or orientation.
With stockpiles of hot-button issues for us to argue, scream and fight,
to tear us apart, to keep us at odds, in our old internecine plight.
To keep us forever in the dark, their sole mission's to spellbind "the rabble"
via bogus celebrity scandals and smoldering bling-bling babel.
So when "commoners" see all these tactical spins sown by these thugs beware --
they've come to mesmerize Americans as they craft their latest scare.
"The masses all battling each other can't see it's us they must lock their sights on!"
say oppressors of old who were great at their game, 'til arrived the legion, Anon.

Elitist oppressors have one purpose alone, our 'junk genes' by brute force to smother -
to create massive amounts of counterfeit wars, pitting common folk 'gainst one another.
Elitists / oppressors are one and the same, make note of it just for the books -
oppressors of old, now known as "elite" are the same old insatiable crooks.
They're brilliant and subtle, engagingly twisted -- folks fall hard for this slippery Clan.
They're set up far and wide to cause our divide -- their furtive ancestral Plan.
So just Google the New World Order to find your future Masters names
then picket their sprawling plantations, stunning mansions, and corporate Games.
Their tactics, oblique but malevolent, we must shed light on all roles they play.
They're humanity's oldest oppressors -- fiercely dividing our USA.
Don't ever wonder what elitists all crave -- they need slaves for their New World estate.
Our forefathers command STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK! before it is ever-too-late!

From final resting places our rebels discern that our plummet from freedom is dire
they demand we kick-ass, ignited at last, by our own revolutionary fire!
Fiendish corporate regimes rule our Congress while our rank and file meekly submits.
From hallowed graves rebels ROAR to our people: "GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES!!"
you twits

Copyright 2012 Alice Connally Fisk
AFisk10302 at aol dot com