Published in IRISH INNER CIRCLE newsletter, June 22, 1976
(an affiliate of American Irish Republican Army (AIRA))


by Alice Connally Fisk

'Tis not the sparklin' Shannon as described in some brochure
that exemplifies our Emerald Isle -- the picture's not that pure
for if tourist ad promoters painted portrait's overdue
bondaged Ireland would be sketched in blood...of freedom fighter's hue.

'Tis where women's Irish skulls are smashed by foreign rifle butts.
Where Free-State slackers prop up bars and brag of manly 'guts'.
Where Statelet twits are fed at birth the Crown's satanic oats:
Let foreign fiends ram plastic tubes down shackled colleen's throats.

Where Brits still get their jollies pouring in elite-hard-core-
Chelsean-assassins. How they dig our Irish gore!
Where those who fight 'gainst ancient wrongs require a foreign cage.
Stagg -- weighing less at death, dear God!, than a child eight-years-of-age.

Where our fourth field's been abandoned by the Free-State echelon
'cause Nationals well-tyrannized keep Anglo chums turned-on.
Where a frenzied flake-state Cruiser is a just reporter's bane.
Where the media is well-controlled 'gainst renegade Sinn Fein.

Where the whole damn world lines up to laugh at purchased Dublin rubes:
Throw the butcher OUT of Ireland? Leinster hasn't got the cubes.
Where cubeless pols get vapours knowing Eire Nua's a hit
as they ponder losing fat-cat gigs now England's 'bout to split.

Where stout support's from Irish-Yanks who love that Provo crust.
Faithful Oglaigh na hEireann. May you keep your fist in fust.
Where our brave resistance fighters pack one powerfully tough clout,
After centuries of tyranny, ol' Empire's truckin' OUT.

So rally 'round that Provo flag. It's swelling ranks attest
no more foreign deals or reforms, nor "initiatives" unblest.
True political independence. Let the Irish spirit sing!
'Tis our final freedom struggle. A New Ireland's...taken wing.

Copyright 1976 Alice Connally Fisk